What is ASCE? What is the purpose of the competition?

1. What is ASCE?, What ASCE is dedicated?

-The American Society of Civil Engineers, known by its initials ASCE is an organization of Civil Engineers was founded in 1852. This is the oldest organization in relation to engineering organizations in the United States. The student chapter of the enclosure is the largest in PR, this consists of more than 200 students of civil engineering assets. The partnership allows students to participate in community service projects, lectures and competitions related to civil engineering.

2. What is the purpose of the competition?

-The Competition is designed to provide civil engineering students the opportunity to gain leadership skills and teamwork. As allowed to implement the knowledge, working with the designs of the concrete mix and project management. Just letting you know the general public that the civil engineering profession is a dynamic and innovative, indispensable to society.

3. What is assessed in the competition?

-The competition is divided into four categories and experienced engineers evaluate each.

The categories are:

a. Technical paper: the team has to keep a diary of work which describes in detail the mix design, the techniques of project management, testing procedures and methods of construction.

b. Oral Presentation: consists of preparing a presentation that summarizes the technical paper, which cannot last more than 5 minutes. The object of the presentation is to summarize a year’s work in a dynamic and engaging presentation to a panel of judges.

c. Final Product: This category is evaluated aesthetically canoe and it is confirmed that complies with the regulations of the competition. Among the regulations are the dimensions and materials used to build it.
d. Races:
This category is divided into 5 races: men’s and women’s slalom/endurance races, and men’s and women’s and co-ed sprint races

At the end add up the points accumulated in these categories and arrive at a final score.

4. What is competition?

-The competition is to build a canoe made of concrete, along with other aggregates and additives, to achieve that it is sturdy, durable and at the same time light enough to float.

5. How do you make concrete float?

-The traditional concrete is made with water, cement, sand and gravel. To make the mixture used in the canoe, the team uses lightweight materials, and as part of the regulations requires us 2 of them are recycled. PVC materials are used as grinding, Elemix, which are tiny spheres and hollow spheres foam approximately one millimeter in diameter glass. When making the mix with these additions, you get a concrete that is lighter than water and as a result of this fleet.

6. How to build the canoe?

We made a mold of wood, with the measures specified in the rules. This mold has to be built with the utmost care and a minimum gap or imperfection can cause problems in navigating the canoe. After building the mold and select the mix that will be used to make the canoe, we proceed with the construction of the canoe.

7. What steps are taken to transported the canoe to the United States?

-The canoe is transported by ship. In previous years we made sure that during the trip, the canoe didn’t receive any blow that might crack or break, to prevent this type of complications it was transported with crushed rubber inside the trailer. Last year we replaced the crushed rubber by air bags, as these are lighter than rubber.

8. What brings the project cost?

-The project requires a considerable amount of money, which tries to cover through sponsorships, donations and collect. Among the expenses are the purchase of materials and transportation of the canoe.

9. How does the team?

-The team consists of 14 students, all belong to the civil engineering program. We divided the team into small groups and assigned work tasks, which must be met to operate efficiently.

10. How many years has the Mayaguez campus of competing?

-Mayaguez Campus has been competing since 1998, being the only university from Puerto Rico representing in this type of competition.

11. What other universities compete?

-Compete about 25 universities, all belonging to the southeastern region of United States. As this is a very prestigious competition, compete the best universities that specialize in civil engineering.

12. What achievements have been obtained in previous competitions?

-In 2003 we got a 2nd place in the entire competition, this was due to the accumulation of points in the smaller categories. As recently as last year we got a 3rd place in the Final Product category and 7th place in overall competition.


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